Already bad at this

How many posts did I make it before falling off? 3? Damn, that’s bad. I have been somewhat lost in myself as of late, trying to sort of stay off to the side of everything, despite my wishes earlier this year to come more out of my shell. Work has been entirely unsatisfying since I had to give my classes back to who was supposed to be their original teacher. I had so much joy in getting to educate students, but that is not what subbing is. All this does though is fuel my desire for a real teaching job; I got a taste of it, and now I want more.

I bought a bike. Something you probably don’t know about me, as you cannot see me, but I am overweight, to a large degree. I have had many fits and starts with trying to address this, and this is the newest permutation of that. I live very near bike trails attached to a state park, but have never been on them, in the years I have been living where I do. I fixed that yesterday, and biked (for me) quite a ways down the trail, and it felt good. Felt odd to be biking after literally decades, and I was supremely surprised at how much it was like…riding a bike. Finding my balance came quickly, it felt far more comfortable than I thought it would. I enjoyed it, and I want to build up my leg strength, and my stamina, which is pathetic.

Final Fantasy XIV has taken over my life once again, which isn’t a good thing really. MMO’s…I get sucked into them. It’s just so comfortable. Like a blanket that eventually acts to suffocate you. It still has a great story, and is fun. It’s just a lot of wheel-spinning though, in a personal games goals sense.

This was really stilted, and I have more to say, but today is not that day. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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