This is not the way to build any sort of audience

Someone who is trying to make a brand, build an audience, would be doing a lot more with this, and have it connect to other things, like a Twitch Channel, and an Only Fans? No one should ever see that.

So I finally finished off Trails of Cold Steel 2, and it was a great game. To some degree, I am surprised this series within the Legends of Heroes meta-series goes four games, because 1 and 2 feel really distinct from where 3 starts. 1 and 2 seem like one well-told story, that has a satisfying conclusion. Trails of Cold Steel 3 definitely feels like a new story, and it draws pretty heavily on games I have not played, especially the Crossbell duology, which have never come out here. I have the first one with the Geofront translation, so I will get to it, but it’s a lot of work to understand a story that should be out here anyway. I still hope that Falcom will one day translate those two games officially. But yeah, Cold Steel 3 took a while to grow on me. 1 and 2 shared the same HUD, same menus, it was very easy to slip from 1 to 2. The third entry however, is completely different, and not always great. Fonts are too small, I am not totally on board with menu options being discreet button presses. It’s a turn-based RPG, I have time to go through a menu, it’s fine, no need to mess with that. I almost accidentally escape from battles way too much because I press down on the d-pad.

In other news, I am exploring getting weight-loss surgery. I have my first consultation in early June, and I am hoping to be fully recovered before September. I am getting older, and I have tried dieting, working-out, and it is always a series of fits and starts. I hope that this gives me a new blank slate in which I can develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We shall see where it goes.

I have been reading Dungeons and Dragons books lately, even picked up the new Ravenloft book. It is…kind of fantastic. I have long been a fan of Ravenloft, even had the older source books once upon a time. I am not sure how much the books twists itself into making sure everyone is alright with horror is a good thing. I am not much of a horror fan, but I feel like Ravenloft was never too much, but then again, a DM could be pretty twisted I guess. To some degree, I really wonder why I am buying these books, I really don’t have a group to play with, and in this pandemic-world, I don’t even know where I would start to look nowadays. Regardless, I still find myself looking for new dice on Amazon…so who knows. Maybe one day I will see people again.

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