A Repository

So for a little while now, I have been writing over for a website that a friend helps run called Sword Chomp. It’s 3 guys who came together in a strange way, and they have their thing going on, and it is really good. Every once in a while, I help out by writing some dumb article or appearing on a monthly podcast. I love being able to contribute, and talk about the games I love. However, I mostly play the older stuff, and with Sword Chomp being a game website that is not dedicated to retro, sometimes my stuff gets pushed off quickly, in favor (rightfully so) of covering new stuff. So I think I am going to revive using this website of mine in order to sort of keep a running stock of my own writing, and give it a place to breathe a little more than what my words about the older games out there get. So in the coming days, I think I am going to play around with, and tweak the site, maybe learn how to use it a little better, so I can have a place for my writing to stand out, and get read by anyone who stumbles this here way. Also grad school is basically over for me, so maybe I try to start thinking of some new things to do.

In the meantime, you should go to Sword Chomp and check out the good stuff that is over there. Shea, Rich, and Josh are good people.

-Ray McGill

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