I haven’t watched WWE in a long time, that will probably change.

Vince McMahon, the long-time CEO of the World Wrestling Federation, and then World Wrestling Entertainment, is gone. He has “retired” (he went away because his hush-money payments came to light), and now his son-in-law, Paul “HHH” Levesque is in charge of the creative output for the organization. Vince’s daughter, Stephanie is now the co-CEO with someone who I forget. The upper politics isn’t the point though, the point is that ding-dong, the witch is dead.

Vince McMahon is probably the greatest promoter to ever exist, and his contributions to the world of professional wrestling are incalculable. However, he had been a weight around the neck of WWE for years now. He’s old, something like 78, and is very stuck in his ways. The stories of his idiosyncrasies are legion, and his insistence on word-usages and such have added an odd dimension to the WWE product for a long time now. He has for decades, pushed stars that look a certain way, and shoves people to the side that don’t have a very specific look that he isn’t searching for. His creative buildups are stale, and he is known for creating writing chaos by ripping up scripts mere hours before a show starts.

HHH on the other hand, has already shown he has the chops for dynamic, creative booking, recruiting, and using the strengths of all the talent in front of him. He took NXT from a farm system, and turned it into a program that exceeded anything the main roster was putting out under Vince’s direction. Once Vince took NXT under his control, it faltered, and became very forgettable. What he may do with the keys to the whole kingdom is very interesting, and from what I have read, he is already making talent-based, and creative moves that Vince would not have done. WWE still has way too much TV on per week, but you know what? If the biggest exit in WWE history continues running this way, the WWE will be an organization running on renewed life, as opposed to institutional inertia.

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